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As the French version has been redesigned, as we added more than 480 pictures after Le Mans and L'Age d'OR 2001 gathering too (see this page to see our list of events, in French, ok, but the pictures are worth a visit !), this left us with very little time to translate all the pages redone and rewritten 'on the other side'. We are sure you understand ! We apologise...
So we are keeping this page as an entrance point, but you should really click on the Sortie button to see the latest events of our club, or go to the French version to see the latest informations.
Some pages anyhow: the picture of the quarter this quarter a beautiful MG TD, and also a new technical article zone on this site, with an article about a MG TD engine restoration, click here to read it, obviously in French ! But pictures of valves are meaningfull in whatever language !
At Rétromobile from 9 to 18 February 2001, we saluted our friends from Europe who came to see us again !

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English homepage updated : 1st October 2001
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After the delicious rally of 17th October in the forests around Paris, we took some nice pictures (MGA, MG TD...PHOTOS, click here)nouveau !Now the sounds are also in MP3 format.

The picture!nouveau !
Articlesnouveau !

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Who are we ?

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Our "headquarters" are in Saint-Cloud now:

59 rue Violet
Tél: +33-(0)  
Email (full & saturated by spam, sorry) : info@mgclubdefrance.com
Attention, new phone number since 21st may 2001 !

Our ACTIVITIES for 2001

Click above to see them, don't be afraid...

Listen to our cars !

Some sounds samples, well MUSIC we should say ! Taken with care, sampled with love !!! You want rageous starts ? Sportsmen driving ? And something weird too... !

And here is our small (Well, there are more than 4 megabytes of images to be seen) graphical warehouse on MG's !

There is something for everyone: some old ads from the 1920's, yes, drawings taken from original advertisements in magazines, background screen images for all resolutions

3 Black & White pictures you can re-use for visit cards, documents, etc.

Note : these images are less than 18 Kb long, compression GIF hourray !

3D images based on MG and a very basic VRML file with "MG" in it

Note : the link above has roughly 200 Kb of images , worth looking....but I'd rather warn you...slow links....

And if you want to leave us a comment by e-mail, you can write to info@mgclubdefrance.com or in English to Jérôme Boëly (member of the MGCF) by clicking on the link below:
click here to send an e-mail to Jérôme Boëly.

Note: I'm receiving around 60 lenghty technical messages per month on MG's, and my professional life sometimes allow me to see this email box only once a month, so be patient please. Merci...
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Thanks a lot for accessing this site and hope to see you on our twisty sunny (well, often sunny) roads in a near future !

Best regards from Jean-Pierre Tricard (Président of the MGCF Club),
Jérôme Boëly & Bernard Knapp (webmasters for this site).
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