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Who are we ? ...."le MGCF" !

The MG Club de France is thankfull for the interest you have for our club, and we're giving here some indications on what we do.

The club has been founded by MG owners in France, who were gathering in cars meetings or races. Some were even racing in the V.E.C. cup on French or foreign racing tracks.

The majority of us are just car lovers, old or recent, and if we prefer the British ones, we're are often owners of other cars, from other brands.

The MG CLUB DE FRANCE (MGCF) is in association rules by a french law called "Loi 1901", which means basically we're a non-profit association, and our goal is to gather the maximum number of MG cars when there are meetings, concentrations or Club events. To be member of the "association" , you just need to be eighteen , to have the MG spirit or enthusiasm, and to possess eventually a MG vehicule or derived from an MG. The annual fee is used to pay for the running expenses, like renting spaces at the car fairs and so on. The amount is 350 FF since 1996. The fee is unchanged since 1996, so it was the same price in 97, 98, 99, 2000 and it will be the same for 2001 as the budget is managed well.

The MGCF offers differents services to its members, mainly discounts with some Parts importers, documentation (in French, yes ! like "le manuel de l'atelier" for example,). See the Boutique section and the FAQ for more details.

We are more than 220 happy drivers of MG's inside the MG Club de FRANCE. Join us !

The club is 20 years old this year, and has been founded by Michel LOREILLE in 1981.

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