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Here are images on MG, but not cars ....

Here are pictures made by Jérôme Boëly. You are free to use/print/show them as long it's for private or non-profit use. If this is not the case, please contact me first, thanks a lot !

Some of the pictures below are anaglyph images: two images are imbedded in one, using special algorithm and software. When you look at them with special glasses who have a red and cyan filter, one for each eye, each eye will see a different picture, and the result coming from your brain is a TRUE 3D image on your screen , floating or a contrario inside your screen. Test it to believe it !

Contact me to have more details eventually.

First, a "plain vanilla" ray-traced image I've made with POV, 640*480 pixels, 36 Kb (JPG quite compressed...), original is roughly 1 Mb.

And now an anaglyph MG logo , 640*480 pixels, 63 Ko !

Image anaglyphe représentant le logo MG + fond en 3D.

The image above needs to be seen through anaglyph eyeglasses (red on right, cyan left) to see it in true 3D !

Image below is also an anaglyph:

And a very simple MG logo no anaglyph this time, (460*460, 24 Kb, JPG very compressed):

And for the courageous that went until the bottom of this page, special bonus : a very simple small VRML 1.0 file (10 Kb) to show your friends that you can have true 3D real-time even on a 486-100 Mhz: MGLOGO2.WRL

That's all....For now... If you have files of cars in POV , DXF or any other CAD format, please contact me ! The anaglyph images have been made using the fantastic 3DSTEREO software from MEDIA-RELIEF, a French company you find on the web with a decent search engine like Altavista. They have a site hosted by Wanadoo in France.

See you soon I hope, Jérôme Boëly.

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