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Listen to uS !!!

Sounds from MGCF

Welcome to this new page (The "Bienvenue" you just listen means welcome in French) where you can listen to sounds recorded with lots of care by our Sound Engineer, Christian BERTHIER (member of the Club, thanks again Christian !) of some of our MG's.

We have recorded three models:

MGB 1800 with Weber carburetor DC0E 45 = Engine type 18V

Midget 1275 with 2 SU + a very special exhaust = Moteur type 12V

MGB 1800 with 2 HS4 carbs = Engine type 18V too, recorded in his garage by the owner, but good warm sound !

A funny use is to compare these sounds with yours or others around the world. 16 files !

Three types of sound for each car:

Idle Vroooop-Vrooop +/- 2000 rpm minute
Mgb + Weber
mbgralen.wav 55 Kb
mbgralen.mp3 5 Kb
Mgb + Weber
mgbvroom.wav 102 Kb
mgbvroom.mp3 10 Kb
Mgb + Weber
mgb2000t.wav 56 Kb
mgb2000t.mp3 6 Kb
Midget 1275cc
midralen.wav 79 Kb
midralen.mp3 8 Kb
Midget 1275cc
midvroom.wav 71 Kb
midvroom.mp3 7 Kb
Midget 1275cc
mid2000t.wav 63 Kb
mid2000t.mp3 6 Kb
MGB 1800+ 2 SU HS4
mgbsural.wav 52 Kb
mgbsural.mp3 10 Kb
MGB 1800+ 2 SU HS4
mgbsuvr3.wav 97 Kb
mgbsuvr3.mp3 18 Kb
MGB 1800+ 2 SU HS4
mgbsuon.wav 68 Kb
mgbsuon.mp3 13 Kb

And now the special bonus...... :

Start of the Midget of Liliane, Gérard is driving...., it's hearable :
midsenv2.wav 115 Kb
midsenv2.mp3 22 Kb

Midget is coming and stops/burps :
midarri2.wav 100 Kb
midarri2.mp3 19 Kb

Gentle start of the MGB Weber in the woods of Meudon:
mgbeloi2.wav 98 Kb
mgbeloi2.mp3 19 Kb

Starting the engine of the MGB Weber 16-bit sampling:
mgbdem16.wav 85 Kb
mgbdem16.mp3 8 Kb

Starting the engine of the MGB Weber 8-bit sampling :
mgbdemar.wav 33 Kb
mgbdemar.mp3 9 Kb

and something very unusual here: an intruder !!!!
roumi.wav 51 Kb
roumi.mp3 20 Kb

And now the RUMI comes full speed !!!!
roumiar2.wav 111 Kb
roumiar2.mp3 30 Kb

The "RUMI" is an Italian scooter bicylinder with very special high-pitched sound.....

I used to sample the sounds from the DAT the excellent, beautiful, fast, program GOLDWAVE (shareware) that you can find by clicking on the link below :

Best regards, Jérôme Boëly.

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