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Hello ! We have 3 kinds of pages from beautiful high-res scanned MGA adverts to modest b&w 2kb MG logos.

And here is our small graphical warehouse on MG's !

There is something for everyone: some old ads from the 1920's, yes, drawings taken from original advertisements in magazines, background screen images for all resolutions, you cannot find a lot of quality scans like these on the web (Hey, Am I modest ?) !!!

3 Black & White pictures you can re-use for visit cards, documents, etc.

Note : these images are less than 18 Kb long, GIF compression hourray !

3D images based on MG and a very basic VRML file with "MG" in it

Note : the link above has roughly 200 Kb of images , worth looking....but I'd rather warn you...If you have a slow link it will take some time...

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