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“ MG French Connection 2004” - Le Mans Classic 2004
80 th birthday of MG, from the Loire valley castles to Le Mans
22 - 25 July 2004

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Program details on the MG French Connection 2004 Rallye
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Details on le Mans Classic 2004 and pictures of MG in Le Mans
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Photos of FrenchConnection 2004 and Le Mans Classic 2004
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Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, Chateau de Chambord avec des MG devant. Photo Bernard Knapp
29 July 2004: thanks so much for your great participation, the atmosphere and exchanges we had were really great. The 86 cars were all great and almost all succeeded to get to the end, despite some brake valves issues or engine leaks for some.... We wish to thank those amongt the participants who came from very far sometimes (San Diego, California !) , or with great effort due to last minute issues (thanks for changing a Gearbox on a J4 in a few hours Hervé !). The Lord Nuffield Cup we won is also due to the great cars you bring to Touraine and LeMans Classic. Again, MERCI BEAUCOUP as we say here !
coupe_nuffieldnuffield_cup_teamWe just received some days ago the "Lord Nuffield Cup" of Europe , from the hands of the European manager of MG clubs relations, Gert Joergensen, on July 24th 2004. This cup has been offered in 1954 by Lord Nuffield himself to the MG Car Club, to develop initiatives promoting the MG spirit and the brand in the world. Lord Nuffield was then the manager of all the brtiish brands of BMC Corporation, and he offered four cups, one for each continent where MG was present: Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania, Africa. This cup is lended for a year to each winning club, who must the following year give it back to the MG Car Club. It is an honour for us to have the trust of the european instances, and also of the other Mg Clubs in Europe who looked at our work in several areas (cars exposed in fairs, magazines quotes, our club magazine, the events we have done, our participation to other meetings, web site etc.) and decided that we made the most efforts to make the cars and brand known, and helped the fans and the owners, and as such deserved the Cup this year ! It's a great reward for all the benevolent people of the club who are making the MG brand alive, but also due to "behind the scenes" work of our treasurers, event organizers, merchandising, local responsables....

We plan to share with all of you the picture taken (probably ready by October), but we have limited space on this website.
You can find some hundred pictures already by clicking on the page 4 on the menu above, but if you have taken digital pictures and accept to share them with us, please send to me a cd-rom with your pictures (ideally with a text file on it with your copyright and authorizing or not further usage) + a blank cd-rom please at this address:
Mr. Jérôme BOËLY
125, rue du Vieux Pont de Sèvres
92100 Boulogne BILLANCOURT
(don't forget to give me your postal address too !)

Best octogonal regards, Jérôme for the MGCF.

The French MG Club has decided to celebrate the 80 years of MG during the prestigious meeting of Le Mans Classic, that will take place at the end of July 2004
The first event, organized in September 2001, was a tremendous success, bringing together more than 350 Le Mans racing cars on the famous circuit, that was exceptionally re-opened for the occasion.

For the second event, the French MG Club wish to assemble more than 200 MGs, and will celebrate the presence of Philippe Maillard Brune, the eldest of Le Mans pilots, who won the race in his class in 1935 in a K3.
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, Ville de Blois Coté sud Photo Jérôme Boëly
Just before the event, the French MG Club will organize a rally, in the magnificent Loire Valley, starting at the Chateau d'Amboise, one of the Renaissance treasures, and finishing close to Le Mans circuit.
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, Mg VA superbe au Mans Classic, Photo Philippe Aubry

The meeting will span 4 days covering the period 22 th to the 25 th of July 2004 inclusive. A general synopsis is as follows :

2 / Rallye MG French connections 2004 : Thursday 22 th and Friday 23 th 2004
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, 3Mga superbes devant Chambord, Photo Bernard Knapp
Thursday 22 th July :
the MGCF regional members and european visitors will assemble at Amboise village at the beginning of afternoon. After the welcoming, a rally will allow you to discover the various pleasures of the Loire valley. In the evening time, after the arrival at the Chateau d'Amboise, a visit of the castle and a wine tasting session will be proposed. A superb gala diner will end the first day in the State Court of Amboise.
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, MGA à Amboise, Photo Jérôme Boëly
Friday 23 th July :
Leaving the hotels, the participants will proceed with several rallies that will lead to Le Mans race circuit in the late afternoon. A lunch break will take place near the famous Villandry castle, and for the finale, everybody will meet up for the dinner near Le Mans and celebrate this glorious occasion with the prize-giving.

Panoramique de la Loire à St-Dyé., Photo Jérôme Boëly

3 / Saturday 24th July   and Sunday 25th of July : Le Mans Classic
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, MG J1_de Hervé Ditner à l'attaque logo le mans classic During the week end, more than 350 cars from 1923 to 1978, including original racing Le Mans models such as Bentleys, Jaguars, Talbots, Ferraries MGs.. will compete day and night for your viewing and admiration
The interior of the circuit will be taken up with special displays of various automobiles, and will be the centre of many activities: elegance concours, shops, paddock visit,…). Track trials will be possible in your own MG!! (price 100 euros).
Cliquez ici pour voir l'image en plus grand format, MGB GT et moutons, Photographe inconnu The French MG club will have a marquis just near the famous Dunlop bend, and we will display the participant's MGs, parked by model. The club will also propose specific activities to the participants: aperitifs and cocktails, quizz, car concours…and of course the 80 years of MG, and Philippe Maillard-Brune celebration!!

The provisional cost will be 180 euros per person (MG members), covering the four days of the meeting with :
  • Thursday gala dinner,
  • Friday lunch and dinner,
  • Visits, tasting, rally plates, road books, entrance to Le Mans Circuit…,
  • MG marquis access, including all activities (aperitifs, cocktails, quizz,…)
  • Breakdown assistance.

Regarding the hotel accommodations, the club will send a selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and camping sites for your own initiative

Note : It will be possible to join the meeting directly at Le Mans circuit on Saturday.

We are expecting a large turnout and a great demand for tickets. Would you please forward inscription before February, 28th 2004. The number of cars will be limited to 80 for the rally (no number limit for Le Mans Classic). Note: for Le Mans, you need to find accomodation yourselves please.

For further information, please contact:
French Connection web site:
Alain Bothorel: e-mail: abothorel(a)
Christian Lissot: 0033. – e-mail: lissots(a)
Philippe Aubry: e-mail:

4) In the mood for Touraine
... Still not convinced ? If you want some pictures of the region you will visit, click here please : yes, I want to see pictures of beautiful Touraine !

LATEST UPDATE: INSCRIPTIONS CLOSED, we have more than 85 participants !

HOW THIS WORKS : you print the 3 rd page of one of the 2 documents available below, you tell us what you want to do (options at Le Mans Classic, how many participants etc.), you make a check in Euros (for: MG Club de France) and you send these 2 documents (check and form) BEFORE 28th February to:

MG French connection 2004
François DARIC
98, rue Giraudeau
37 000 Tours
France (if you send this from outside France of course)

For the forms, you have the choice between:
A) You have a PC et and a word processor compatible with Word ? Then this file is for you, 51 200 bytes, no known viruses as of today : B) or for Macintosh or any other computers and word processor, an .RTF version, 20 335 bytes, no virus either:

Voilà ! See you soon we hope !

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