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“ MG French Connection 2004” - Le Mans Classic 2004
80 th birthday of MG, from the Loire valley castles to Le Mans
22 - 25 July 2004

You are here: General summary MG French Connection 2004 Page 2: Program details on the MG French Connection 2004 Rallye Page 3: Details on le Mans Classic 2004 and pictures of MG in Le Mans Page 4: Photos of FrenchConnection 2004 and Le Mans Classic 2004 Page 5:

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LATEST UPDATE: INSCRIPTIONS CLOSED, we have more than 85 participants !


HOW THIS WORKS : you print the 3 rd page of one of the 2 documents available below, you tell us what you want to do (options at Le Mans Classic, how many participants etc.), you make a check in Euros (for: MG Club de France) and you send these 2 documents (check and form) BEFORE 28th February to:

MG French connection 2004
François DARIC
98, rue Giraudeau
37 000 Tours
France (if you send this from outside France of course)

For the forms, you have the choice between:
A) You have a PC et and a word processor compatible with Word ? Then this file is for you, 51 200 bytes, no known viruses as of today : B) or for Macintosh or any other computers and word processor, an .RTF version, 20 335 bytes, no virus either:

Voilà ! See you soon we hope !

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